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"This remarkable novel contrasts fantastic elements with strong realistic components in a narrative that will feel engaging, authentic, and genuine to YA readers ... Expertly constructing a world with a political climate not unlike today's, Smith explores what happens to people when hatred prevails. In addition, the author crafts well-rounded and diverse characters, allowing many readers the opportunity to see themselves reflected somewhere in the cast ... A timely and engrossing contribution to YA literature."
                                                                   — "Kirkus Reviews"

"BODY OF ORIGIN, the new YA thriller from author Kimberly Smith, is an original, creative, exceptionally well-written page turner you'll have a hard time putting down. The story weaves fascinating elements of fantasy with present day culture in a way that's both fiercely entertaining and extremely thought provoking. There is a rich cast of characters you'll fall in love with and before the end, you'll find yourself rooting hard for more than a few of them. While BODY OF ORIGIN is billed as YA, adults who love great, well-written stories shouldn't sleep on this fantastic book. Bravo to Kimberly Smith on another fantastic novel! I can't wait to see what they do with the movie."
                                                                   — Reader 

"Normally, I’m not drawn to fantasy, but kudos to Kimberly J. Smith, whose MC of “Body of Origin,” is a typical teenager, having to deal with a not-so-typical “difference.” She captured my heart from the very first page. The evolution of how she handles her “difference” makes this a read that is funny, romantic, suspenseful and full of compassion. I loved it! 5 stars PLUS."
                                                                   — Reader

"I could not put this book down. It was current, sweet at times, mysterious, difficult circumstances which r comparable for today, clever, fascinating, subtle when needed. It is a Young Adult book, but I’m way past YA, and I could relate to it. Ms. Smith is a talented storyteller and writer. Do yourself a favor. Order Body of Origin. Five stars and five Thumbs Up👍👍👍👍👍"
— Reader

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